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Central European Organising Center (Centrum Organizowania Związków Zawodowych – COZZ) is a foundation established in Poland as a result of implementation of the resolution on organising – “Changing Europe by Growing Unions” – adopted by the 4th UNI Europa Conference in Rome.

In that resolution, “Organising activities in Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey” are one of strategic priorities and at the conference in Rome UNI Europa – its sectors, groups and affiliates – have committed to:
1) increasing support for existing organising initiatives and investigating the opportunities to develop new ones in Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey;
2) creating a Central European Organising Centre in cooperation with other European trade union federations and interested unions.

COZZ is and independent NGO involving organisers and trainers experienced in trade union campaigns focused on helping unions to grow. COZZ was created to support the revitalization and development of trade unions in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Over last 3  years COZZ has successfully run pilot organising project and a number of training workshops and conferences in Poland, in partnership with Polish and European trade unions affiliated with UNI Global and UNI Europa.

We are always looking for contact with like-minded people from all walks of life. If you care about human rights at work and beyond and are interested in organising – please contact us! At COZZ we regularly organise workshops and trainings for volunteers and social activists all around Poland and Czech Republic and we are constantly looking for people that could join our team.

COZZ’s long term goal is to develop strong and effective international cooperation of trade unions in our region for improvement of working conditions and to contain the process of social dumping, especially in transnational companies and corporations.

Centrum Organizowania Związków Zawodowych